Capitol SkyMine®

4212 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78217

TTUS is building the Capitol SkyMine® plant for Austin, Texas-based Skyonic Corporation at the Capitol Aggregates Inc. cement company in San Antonio, Texas. The plant is 85 percent complete and is expected to be operational by early 2015.

SkyMine® uses innovative technologies to capture the CO2 being emitted by the plant and convert it into baking soda, hydrochloric acid, bleach and other sellable products. SkyMine® technology is garnering intense interest from China, the Middle East, South Africa and elsewhere because of its positive environmental impact and profitability.

Toyo-Thai Corporation PCL (TTCL) was an early investor in Skyonic. Other investors include ConocoPhillips, BP, Northwater Capital and PVS chemicals. The project also received a $28 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.



Skyonic Corporation


Build in 2014 & Plant launch expected in early 2015


Carbon capture and utilization plant


Engineering, procurement, construction